Real estate business made smart & simple

One unified business management suite, encompassing ERP/financials and ecommerce for entire real estate businesses.

the old way - the new way

Get real work done, anywhere, on any device

With IMMONE applications, share the big picture across your organization by bringing your email, calendar, and files together with your data, reports, and business management software.

  • Experience intelligent customer engagement.

    Deliver amazing customer experiences by building customer relationships that are personalized, proactive, and predictive across marketing, sales, and service. Manage your campaigns, sales opportunities, contacts, and service contracts

  • Streamline and connect your entire business.

    Get greater control over financials, simplify operations and supply chain. Track and manage your real estates, orders, customers and vendors. Create estimates, track projects, and manage your cash, assets, and banking.

  • Bring your data to life.

    Use business intelligence. It transform your company's data into rich visuals for you to collect and organize so you can focus on what matters to you. Get real-time visibility and analytics to track performance and to act with insight. Stay in the know, spot trends as they happen, and push your business further.

  • Manage documents secure and reliable.

    Integrate documents across business processes and access your files from all your favourite devices. Enable workflow based status management, secured and easy distribution, quick retrieval of documents, and secured administration of digital records.

  • Increase collaboration. Tools that work. Anywhere.

    Whether you are working in your office or on the go, you get a familiar set of productivity tools. MS Office applications are always the latest versions, letting you create, edit, and share from major device and operating system with anyone in real time. 

  • Capture leads from different channels.

    Manage all your pre-sales activities like never before. No matter where your leads come in from, be it online campaigns, google ads, landing pages, emails, websites, or other online portals like listing-portals, capture them all on a single platform.

  • One login to your day.

    IMMONE is the winning combination for business. When applications seamlessly come together and work with your processes you get an integrated experience that no other stand-alone CRM, ERP or Office solution can match. A role-based, consistent user experience across devices makes it easy for your people to complete their everyday tasks whether they are.

  • Grow efficiently. Reduce risk.

    Tap the power of the managed estate business system for your strategic business goals without the frustration, cost and time of managing it yourself. Help reduce your IT resources and costs, easily scale up or down with the IMMONE managed business system. Protect your data and information from unauthorized access to fulfil your security and compliance rules.

  • IMMONE Certified Finance
  • The finance application within IMMONE is certified by BDO 

    BDO International is one of the world largest accounting and tax consulting enterprises

  • Real estate marketing

    IMMONE marketing is a fully integrated real estate marketing management solution for undertaking marketing operation, planning, execution and analytics across all forms of media channels: digital, social, and traditional. The effective collaboration of IMMONEs sales, marketing, and finance reduce your operational hassles considerably thus allowing for a much quicker turn-around of the sale and rent of real estate.

  • IMMONE Real Estate Marketing
  • IMMONE Real Estate Administration
  • Property Management

    IMMONE enables staff to develop good working relationship with your clients, whilst helping to improve profitability and operational efficiency. Whether you specialise in maintaining properties or wealth management, the best way to attract and retain customers is to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

  • Estate development

    IMMONE is designed specifically for day to day operations and includes supply chain management and finance, construction resource planning, projects, human resources, and operations management. Are you ready to engage and execute the next level of intelligent operations?

  • IMMONE Real Estate Builder

ONE managed business system

As the world grows smaller and more complicated, technology plays an important role in enabling individuals to drive their vision whilst helping organizations to manage their end-to-end business processes. The integrated IMMONE business system empowers customer engagement with advanced solutions, real-time information and collaboration.

  • Works on all major desktop and mobile operating systems

  • IMMONE OS Support

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